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Certifying the translation of a document by notary is generally required for the further legalization of the document and forwarding to the country of destination. The whole procedure can be executed by our company.

Translation which is certified by notary is a translation which compliance to the original is legally confirmed, i.e. by notary. You can certify with us the translation of any document (official or non-official) from any foreign language or from Russian language into a foreign language. Translation certified by notary is a bilingual document stitched by a notary, authenticated by his/her signature and stamp. The translation of a document could be attached both to the original and to the copy. Please check at the institution which is going to accept your document the necessity to attach the translation to the original or to the copy of the document.

Documents accepted for notary certification should be originals with no mistakes, corrections, vague stamps, posessing all the signatures and stamps of the authorities. Translation of personal documents is certified by notary for further legalization and forwarding to the country of destination.
We pay your attention to the fact that before a foreign document comes to Russian Federation it should get apostille or legalization marks in the country of origin in order to gain legal power at the territory of Russia. In some cases these are not necessary – detailed information you can obtain from our account managers.

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